Three Day Weekend!

Hurray for an extra day! I have so much to get done and I’m hoping to get most of it done this weekend. Right now here’s everything that needs to be finished before Dragon*Con (I know it’s in September but I want to get things done so I can relax!):
-Polesitting inspired Miho
–Finish styling the wig
–Get the ribbon in place
–Shorten the skirt
-Harry Dresden
–Get the duster sewn
–Add runes to staff
–Paint end of blasting rod and staff’s runes
-The Doctor (blue suit)
–Get wig cut, dyed, and styled
–Get measurements for suit and send to Baron Botique
–Order suit and send fabric to Baron Botique
–Finish psychic paper
–Buy shirt and tie
–Get ‘Brainy Specs’
-Jane Lane
–Take in the red shirt
–Add white collar to the black shirt

As you can see, I have quite the list. But this weekend I’m hoping to get Miho, Harry, and Jane done, and get the Doctor’s psychic paper finished. I might even try to get the shirt. The tie is going to be hard since I’m trying to find the one that’s black dark blue with the red floral print. The problem with getting the shirt now is that the compression shirt I ordered isn’t strong enough. It flattens them just fine, but it doesn’t prevent them from migrating back to the front to create a uniboob. And we all know that Ten likes to wear his clothing snug. That’s why I haven’t done the measurements for the suit yet. I need to take a look at my finances and figure out when I can finally order the Tri-Top. Then the Doctor will get my undivided attention.

::crosses fingers:: Hopefully I’ll be writing to you tomorrow exhausted, covered with bits of thread and fabric, blistered and pin pricked, but done with two new cosplays and a better looking third!


2 thoughts on “Three Day Weekend!

  1. hey, I’m trying to do a harry dresden (and also a jack harkness) would you suggest that someone who is an amateur (at best) hand at costume making attempt to make a holster and duster or just buy them? Thanks!

    1. Now for my third attempt at this.
      I’ll soon be done with my duster and will post more details then. But it really depends on how comfortable you feel trying ti use a pattern and sewing machine. Neither are hard to use, but some people find it harder than others. It also depends on how anal you are about details, which applies more to Jack than to Harry. Also, if you want the leather duster, save yourself the frustration and buy it. Best of luck!

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