I swear something’s stopping me!

Ever feel like no matter how much you want to get something done, someone doesn’t want you to do it? That’s where I am right now. First I couldn’t find Let me start with last week. I couldn’t get that damned sewing machine threaded and ready to go. On Sunday my friend came over and showed me how to get the bobbin threaded. But on Monday we had to get groceries. Tuesday and yesterday just didn’t work out.

Tonight I got home and was all ready to get some work done on that duster. First I couldn’t find the second page, and thus most of, the instructions for sewing it. So I decided to go ahead and shorten my Miho skirt. I can’t find my seam ripper. I have no idea where it is! It’s driving me nuts. So I gave up. Just then I finally found the second page of the instructions. Turns out I need to iron things and need to be able to mark on the duster. Remember, this is a black canvas duster. Thus, I’m back to square one. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to stop by Jo-Ann’s and pick up some chalk or something to mark with and another seam ripper. Having an extra isn’t a bad thing. I am just so annoyed!


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