You Know You’re a Cosplayer When…

…you start working on cosplays for the next Dragon*Con right after it’s done.
Well, I haven’t done it yet, but I do have a list that I want to work on for 2012, most of which will come to Dragon*Con. They are waiting for the money to be available in my budget. Once I get Miho, Harry, and The Doctor done for this year, the rest of the budget is for getting to the con, eating, buying things there, and paying for gas to get there and back.

Right now here’s my list for next year:
Kyo Sohma
Casual Miho
*Connor MacManus
Dr. Horrible Groupie
Daniel Jackson
The Doctor (Christmas Invasion)
Death (from The Sandman)
and a secret project

*Connor is probably not going to D*C, but I’m so close to finishing both looks that I simply want to get them done and available to be worn.

Every costume already has something done for it, mainly through having the pieces from other costumes already. The only one that’s going to take a bit of work is The Doctor since I need to make the ‘jim-jams’ and robe from patterns. Well, and there’s that secret project. Trust me, there will be plenty of details once I debut it at D*C. 😉


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