Sewing machine issues

This started out as a YKYaCW…you ponder how to get a piece done in three days. But so much has happened, I’m just starting the whole thing over. My plan was to go to the OSU Ren Faire yesterday in as much of my Harry Dresden cosplay as possible. Mainly because I need to get a staff and pentacle for him. I did go in the jeans, t-shirt, compression shirt, and boots.

On Wednesday, after seeing the forecast for Saturday, specifically for the Ren Faire, I decided that I really should have my black canvas duster to wear. But it was still a long folded piece of black canvas and a smaller piece of fusible interfacing. I toyed with the idea of trying to get it done all day and finally decided to do it.
When I got home I started to lay out the fabric to pin the pattern to. I then realized that the fabric had been sitting around, folded not too neatly, for a year or so. So I decided to iron it all and then iron a center crease in. Once I got this and dinner done, I proceeded with pinning and cutting out the pattern. I finished at 12:12a, quite happy with my progress.

After a long, sleepy, day at work, I raced home to get the interfacing cut out. I managed to get all but one piece cut before my friend called saying she was home and I could stop by to pick up her sewing machine. I got home, finished cutting and ironed on the interfacing, and decided to give the rest a quick once over with the iron. That’s when everything ground to a halt.
Once everything was ironed I went and set up my friend’s sewing machine. I went to change out the bobbin and found out that it wasn’t like the only other machine I’d ever used, since the 8th grade, which has a drop in bobbin. I called my friend but there’s only so much you can explain over the phone. After not being able to find the manual for the machine online, I decided to give up. The old me would have struggled on and kept trying and gotten more frustrated as the minutes ticked by and been up til midnight, barely getting any sewing done.

So, what I hoped would be a victorious post of the final product, it’s a halfway done update. She’s going to come over today to show me how to thread it. Hopefully memories from the 8th grade will surface and I’ll remember how to do it. There’s just too much that I need to get done right now and I can’t afford my own machine.


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