You Know You’re a Cosplayer When…

I’ve been spending a lot of time on lately. Recently I have been working my way through the 400+ page thread entitled “You Know You’re a Cosplayer When..”. The whole thread is nothing but people finishing that sentence. I’ve added my own to the list as I’m reading, but it’s also gotten me way back into cosplay. Even more than before. 😉

But it’s also given me an idea. I’m starting to find myself doing many of the things mentioned on the list. Rather than try to keep track of them all and list them here, I decided to give each their own as they happen. In the future they’ll simply start off with the rest of the sentence.

So today’s is… you find yourself dressing like the character in everyday life.
I recently finished re-reading all of the storyline of MegaTokyo. It was partially to refresh my memory as to what’s going on currently. But it was also to do ‘character research’ for Miho. While reading I added at least 5 outfits of hers to my to do list. But I also realized that I have a lot of things that she would wear normally. So yesterday I decided to go out in one of those outfits. It was also an excuse to wear the arm-warmers I finally finished this week.

I wore my black cami, the arm-warmers, the black knit skirt I originally bought for the polesitting inspired outfit, black leggings, and my black Converse. I went to Jo-Ann’s to do some pricing and just looking around. While I was walking up one of the aisles, there was a mom and her two daughters. The older of the two, probably around 10 yrs old, saw me and watched me as I walked by. Seriously, she actually turned to keep looking as I walked by. I gave her a smile and kept going, but it was so cool! She had more of a “That looks cool” look on her face rather than a “That looks weird/stupid” look. So I would say that outfit is a keeper.


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