Busy little bee

I am so happy with what I got done today. I started off stopping in at Goodwill to see if I could find a few things. I found them all and more! I found the perfect skirt for Miho. It’s straight, black, and has a little leather trim around the waist and down the left side. It definitely needs to be shortened, but that won’t be hard to do. It’s perfect! I’m so happy to have finally found it. Now I just need to get the arm warmer finished and the wig styled and she’ll be done. Finally! I also picked up a new t-shirt for Jane. It’s black and has a v-neck. I don’t have to put one in, like the previous one. All it needs is some white on the collar and it’ll be perfect. Connor MacManus is much closer to being done as well. I found a v-neck black t-shirt for the ‘casual’ look and I got some blue jeans. These are longer than the ones I got before. They’re also a bit bigger around so they’ll sit lower on me. The only problem is they’re too big around. Luckily there are these wonderful things called belts that might help. And if it doesn’t, I’m sure I can do a little bit of alteration to make it work.

T-shirts, jeans, and skirt from Goodwill
The wonderful Goodwill haul!

While I was looking for Connor’s t-shirt, I ran across something no good Doctor Who fan could resist. And it’s my size!

"Trust Me I'm a Doctor" t-shirt
I love Goodwill!

After leaving Goodwill quite happy, I headed over to Jo-Ann’s to look for patterns. There was only one pattern I needed, but I ended up getting a couple of Renaissance patterns as well. I’ve almost got enough patterns to be able to construct an outfit for myself! Yay! I also picked up some t-pins to hold the wigs onto the heads while I style them. I finally found some ribbon to use in Miho’s hair. Now I just need to figure out how to get it to stay there!
I headed over to Hobby Lobby next because I needed some yarn for a project and wanted to look at their fabric section because I never have before. When I got back there I discovered something that made me run outside to the car for my cosplay binder: 2 pattern brands were on sale! They had McCall’s patterns for $0.99 and Simplicity patterns for 40% off. I picked up two of the McCall’s and a Simplicity. I don’t have any patterns left to buy for any of the costumes in my list! I also picked up a tube of E-6000 adhesive because I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the stuff.
I had to head back to Jo-Ann’s before heading home because I forgot to get some white edging to add to the t-shirt for Jane. There just aren’t any v-neck black t-shirts with white collars in existence! At least that I can find. But it’s easy enough to add it to the existing t-shirt.

Patterns and other supplies bought this afternoon.
The Jo-Ann's/Hobby Lobby haul.

When I was at Jo-Ann’s I ended up talking with the cashier for probably 10 minutes. It turns out that she is a costumer as well, and is going to be going to Dragon*Con for the first time this year. She’s madly trying to get what sounds like two awesome Steampunk costumes done in time for MARCON in May. It was so awesome to be able to talk about costumes with a fellow costumer/cosplayer! I’m hoping to work my way into the cosplay scene here in Columbus. It looks like I’m off to a good start! 🙂


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