Kick in the butt!

I have been living over on the Forums lately and you know what, it’s given me the kick in the @$$ I’ve needed to get going on my cosplays. Also the You Know You’re a Cosplayer When… thread has helped too.
I’m planning to get a lot done this weekend. I’m going to Jo-Ann’s tomorrow for the last day they have the Butterick patterns on sale to pick up a couple. Then on Sunday the McCalls patterns go on sale and I’ll be going to back to pick up some of those. They’re all for future patterns, but that just means one less obstacle for when I can afford them!
I’m also planning to start work on my black canvas duster for Harry Dresden. Yes, I’m finally getting some serious work done on it! My hope is that I can get it all cut out tomorrow. It would be nice if I could also get the interfacing cut out this weekend and maybe even ironed on. Then next weekend I can borrow my friend’s sewing machine and pray I don’t break it. Not that she’d mind if I did. She actually wants it to break, so I may end up doing her a favor.
I’ve also been working on a way to share the details of every costume and may have it up and running tomorrow. I figure in the evening I’m going to need to give my butt a rest from sitting on the floor all day long. šŸ™‚


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