Very busy weekend

This weekend has seen a lot of progress on a couple of costumes. First: The Doctor.
On Wednesday my Converse arrived! They look amazing, but they also look new because they are. So this weekend I was wearing them constantly and will be wearing them as often as possible so they look appropriately run around in by Dragon*Con. Not that I really need more reasons to wear Converse. 🙂
Yesterday the fabric came! I now have a beautiful 5 yds. of blue fabric with red pinstripes. It looks wonderful! I am looking forward to sending it off to get made into that amazing suit! I am going to be eternally grateful to my fellow Whovian who sold me the fabric. I hope I get to meet him someday and thank him in person. Now I need to go and order a compression shirt so I can send the fabric along.
Last night I finished the first arm warmer for Miho. It is going to look amazing! This gets me even closer to having her finished! I just need to make the other one and get the wig styled and I’m finally going to have my Miho Tohya costume done after years of wanting to do it. Hopefully I’ll have some progress pictures up soon.


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