Working on it!

Remember that skirt I talked about buying for Miho? Well I’ve thought about it and I think I know what wasn’t working about it. It wasn’t the skirt as much as the armwarmers I was planning on using. They are lace and I just don’t think they’re going to work with this look. I’m sure they’re going to get used for another Miho, one that will probably be a bit frillier. But that left my arms bare. Until I remembered I’ve got a knitting pattern for some awesome armwarmers. Also, this way I can make sure that they are long enough. I have yet to find a pair of armwarmers that actually meet the sleeves of my t-shirts. They are going to be awesome! Hopefully I’ll be starting on them soon. I will definitely post on here once their done. Hopefully by then I’ll have the wig styled as well and I and show the entire costume!


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