Suitwatch update


Last night I posted over on Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming asking for advice/help. Thanks to the wonderful people who responded I have now learned a lot. I want to share that with all of you in the hopes that it helps a fellow cosplayer!

  • The suits “read true” in person. The original suit was dyed darker for photographing purposes. Which means that in person the suit looks like it does on the show.
  • Dying the whole suit would affect the interfacing which would affect the structure of the suit. Interfacing is used to give a fabric stiffness so it will hold shape. Somehow, despite working with interfacing plenty, I forgot about it.
  • Dying the entire suit would require a very large tub or a washing machine. Seeing as I live in a smaller apartment, I have neither.

So with all of that information, I’m simply going to buy the Baron suit and leave it as is. At least when it comes to color. I’m hoping it fits right, or at least close enough until I can afford to have it tailored. Oh, and one other detail that I’ve read from many is that the fabric Baron uses has the stripes silk screened on instead of woven in like Magnoli. But I take very good care of my t-shirts and I don’t plan to wear my suit nearly as often. So hopefully it won’t be an issue until I can afford to get a Baron suit made from Magnoli fabric.


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