In search of a suit

You remember how excited I was about finding both suits? Well, I may have run out of luck. The store is still there, and so is their inventory. Supposedly. The various categories have numbers next to them indicating there are costumes for sale, but nothing comes up. I’ve e-mailed them to find out what’s going on. Hopefully it’s just a problem with the site or they’ve moved elsewhere, because I liked the look of those suits.

Tenth Doctor's Blue pinstripe suit jacket

But, just in case they have shut down, I have spent some time this evening finding alternative options. Right now the front runner is Baron Boutique. It would mean only buying the blue suit and over-dyeing it to get that screen-accurate look. But I’d have a suit.

I’m looking into the over-dyeing process anyway. Because it seems that all the blue suits that I’ve seen seem to be going for the pre-dyed accuracy. Unfortunately I’ve only found one person who has attempted to do it. But he isn’t sharing his secrets.

Both the Brown and Blue pinstripe suits.
DreamCosplay on Etsy

On a whim I checked Etsy. I found something that looks very familiar. DreamCosplay seems to be selling both suits for $100 each. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s musicdress. If it’s not, they’re really similar. So they might be the option I end up taking if I don’t find anything horrible out about them. I’m fine with buying something less expensive that still looks good and possibly saving up to buy the really nice ones over at Magnoli later.



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