I finally went up to Plato’s Closet today and picked up a couple of things.

First off I picked up some men’s jeans. I need those jeans for a grand total of 4 crossplays. Harry Dresden, Connor McManus, Silent Bob, and Randal Graves. I thought it was more, but then I remembered that Dante never wears jeans. Oh well. But still, one piece of clothing for 4 costumes? Awesomeness! Now I just need to get working on that canvas duster so Harry’ll be much closer to being done!

I also picked up two skirts. One’s black and made of t-shirt material and might be used for Miho. The style isn’t quite her, but I’m hoping to be able to make one little change that will make it work. The other skirt is a lighter purple that has a layer of tulle, in the same color, over it. I had toyed with the idea of putting some tulle under a black skirt for her, which is why I bought the skirt. I figure either it can fit under the skirt or I can take the tulle off and attach it to the black skirt. I was originally thinking of using the skirt I bought, but it’s not going to work. I think it needs a pleated skirt to work. Hopefully I’ll have a progress picture up soon of that costume. She’s getting so much closer to being done now!

Thank goodness for consignment stores.


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