I just might be able to do this!

Thanks to the wonderful members at the LiveJournal community Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming, I may actually be able to wear Ten’s blue suit to Dragon*Con this year! His blue suit is my favorite out of all of his suits. I never thought I’d be able to get my hands on one, especially so quickly. Originally I wanted to be able to make the suit from scratch. But there is no pattern that anyone’s found that matches the suit exactly. And I am no good at improvising.

Both the Blue and Brown suits of the Tenth Doctor.
Photo from musicdress.ecrater.com
So I am going to be ordering both suits! They even come with ties and shirts. I’m probably going to be getting appropriate ties to match the brown suit from Magnoli Clothiers eventually. The red shirt looks good, similar to ones he’s worn. But the blue shirt that comes with the brown suit is going to get replaced. Luckily he wears a light blue shirt a lot with that suit, and with the blue suit, so that will make things easier. The only thing I’ll need to get are the Converse. Luckily that’s not hard since they’re back in style. I’m going to need to get the Maroon hi-tops for the blue suit. Thankfully I can get those from Amazon.com, which is about $10 cheaper than getting them straight from Converse. If only they qualified for free shipping. Oh well.

I’ve already got the Sonic Screwdriver from my initial attempt to create Ten’s tux. I’ve even got the black Converse that can be used with the brown suit because he wore them in The Age of Steel/Rise of the Cybermen. I have a wig that should work once I dye it a darker shade of brown. Luckily he doesn’t use extra goodies and gadgets while he’s in the blue suit, so I don’t have to worry about that. Yet. 🙂


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